Papa Thom has shared the stage with the likes of Gordon Lightfoot and Valdy and therefore his music and writing shares that love of Folk Roots.


Papa Thom began his musical adventure over 50 years ago, playing the clubs and coffee houses of Toronto and then crossing the ocean to spend a year in Europe. He played gigs in sunny Spain, North Africa and in Holland where he was warmly received as the 'Canada Kid'. An original tune, Bush’s Inn went to #3 on Dutch radio stations.He then took 34 years off from full time music to raise his family.


From 2008 to 2012 he travelled across Canada in the dead of winter cooking Shepherd's Pie in various soup kitchens where he would invite the media and local politicians to attend as a means of raising awareness of the issues of homelessness, addictions and mental illness. 


The many local homeless and addictions centres continue to be his focus of attention with 10% of his revenue been donated to these agencies or individuals that he meets along the way. He also continues to write articles and letters to the editors of newspapers across Canada as well as penning new songs as they come to him. 


While his chosen genre of music is best categorized as folk, Papa Thom is an accomplished singer/songwriter in numerous styles. He's a natural on guitar with fingers flowing effortlessly over the frets. His voice is strong, dictation clear, and range impressive. Of particular strength, though, is his lyrical brilliance. As a songwriter, Keith applies verbs, nouns, and adjectives to music scales like a master artist applies brush and paint to canvas. His literary work generally happens with ease. Charlie Hodge